One of the biggest Harbors in Europe: Hamburg, Germany

Enter Europe… increase turnover, improve profits

‘enter-europe’ is an independent, specialist export advisory service. We focus on developing new markets for companies from Australia and New Zealand in Europe via Germany as the initial country of entry. We provide businesses with local expertise.

We offer customized market expansion services, starting with market research or trade fair support and represent your company in the European Market. We recommend logistics solutions, get your products into the appropriate channels with recommended distribution and logistics. And we will set up the right after-sales service and support. Our expertise expands into Russia and the CIS States where we offer import and customs services.

We run your office and organize public funding. We concentrate on hands-on activities with on-the-ground services implementing the agreed way forward.

Your market presence in Europe

Europe: Has the European Market the fair share it deserves in your worldwide turnover?

  • When looking for expansion, established and innovative Australasian businesses often look to the East, but why not see Europe as an additional opportunity for your company´s profit?
  • Talk to us about how Europe could be equally financially rewarding and perhaps as interesting a market as Asia.
  • Find the unique opportunity for your products and company with us.
  • We can help you enter the European market and your brands and products to grow in new or existing markets.

Benchmark your business for your expansion into Europe

Compare Europe with your home market and the other markets you are in and discover the opportunities to increase sales and profit via exports to Europe. We list general criteria - GDP, Population, etc. - to demonstrate the theoretical position. Your business strategy will of course be based on specific criteria, which we source for you locally.

General Criteria

World Gross Domestic Product / GDP

  • European Union approx. 24 % of World GDP
  • USA approx. 22 %
  • China approx. 12 %
  • Japan approx. 8 %
  • Australia approx. 2 %


  • The European Union has approx. 8 % of worldwide population (approx. 500 Mio. people from a world population of 6900 Mill. – 2010, Australia approx. 25 Mio.)

Your Potential

The above figures indicate the potential for your company to build business in Europe. Talk to us about a strategy to do this.

Your Target

Let us help you set a realistic, but challenging company target for Europe for the coming years.

Contact enter-europe and we will tailor a package to suit your business needs.